Bluetooth Connection to PC 2016 Headband


Hi ,

Using Muse Direct. My Bluetooth on the PC says it is paired but the Horseshoe on Direct does not light up. Any thoughts?


Win 10
GTX 1080
4.2 ghz


When you press the toggle under the Bluetooth icon in Muse Direct, does it begin to animate?


Thanks. I got it working on a different PC. This time a Macbook running bootcamp. Not sure why it does not work on the new desktop - I thought the 2016 Headset would be more likely to hook up with the Bluetooth from a 2017 spec computer than a 2013 macbook(bootcamp).

So I am connected to Muse Direct - trying to get it to appear in TouchDesigner via OSC. i do have this running with the MuseMonitor app into TD but would like not to use a phone/tablet as this is for a long term art installation and the fewer the links in the chain the better.

As I have had no luck in TouchDesigner with connection to Muse Direct I went to MuseLab. I thought this should talk to MuseDirect pretty cleanly, but no luck. I have downloaded a configuration file but still not working. Any thoughts ??

  • I will keep reading the forum. thanks for your help