Bluetooth frustrations


How frustrating to commonly get about halfway through a 20 minute meditation, then get Bluetooth connection lost message. Maybe I could know the exercises are doing some good when that doesn’t upset me.
Most of what I find about Bluetooth connection problems seem to be getting paired in the first place, not being connected, then losing connection permanently.


Are you using iOS or Android? If you are using iOS, there was an issue in the Bluetooth code for iOS 10.0 and 10.1 that caused frequent disconnections. If you upgrade to iOS 10.2 it should fix the issue.


Android; should have mentioned that in original post.


I am having the same issue. The longest I have been able to maintain a connect is 15min but typically lasts under 5min before disconnection. Not a good mediation experience, most likely going to return the product, what a disappointment.

I am using Google Pixel 2 XL