Bluetooth: no Notifys after Enabling Characteristics


I want to see the Muse data using a generic BLE application for either Android or Windows. I have nRF Connect on Android and Microsoft Bluetooth LE Explorer on Windows. I can connect to the 2016 Muse with both applications. I am unable to receive Notify messages after enabling Characteristics.

I had one successful session: I saw the Notify messages received by the nRF Connect application once but I cannot recreate that success.

I am familiar with the generic protocol for working with BLE Services and Characteristics. I have enabled of the Characteristics in the Service and the 0x2902 values have been set to 01-00 to enable the Characteristics to send Notifications.

Is there anything else that must be done to cause the Muse to begin sending Notify messages for its Characteristics?

Muse Monitor works on my Android so I know all my hardware works and is compatible.

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