Bluetooth on Windows 10 "Allow a device to connect" is OFF Muse Direct unable to connect Muse headband


I tried everything that is possible to connect my Muse headband to my laptop (Add device on Bluetooth or add device on devices and printers, update Bluetooth drivers ) but my Muse headband doesn’t connect to my computer. It appears in Bluetooth list, it tries to pair, my Muse band seams to be paired (four lights on) but the connection stop. The Windows 10 has the “Allow a device to connect” OFF all the time. How can I enable “Allow a device to connect” on Bluetooth on 10.0.16299 Windows version? If this is not ON my device low energy Bluetooth will not connect. If I use a dongle and its software my device is paired and connected because has its own Bluetooth software but I need to connect my device with my internal Bluetooth for Muse Direct software.
Please, tell me how I can fix my Bluetooth connection for this Windows version that come with my computer. Somewhere is a restriction and I don’t know where. Thanks!


Is the working bluetooth dongle for Windows 10? Why are you not able to use it for Muse Direct?

My computer’s internal bluetooth also doesn’t work well with the Muse, so I had to get a USB bluetooth dongle and haven’t had any issues with it.