Bluetooth Problems


Hello everyone,

thank you in advance for addressing the following issue:

I’m trying to connect my Muse headband (grey Muse logo, no Power logo on button, 2 usb sockets) to my Mac Pro (El Capitan). For the Bluetooth connection I am using this bluetooth card:

Unfortunately the headband only stays connected for some seconds before it interrupts.

All my other devices connect without problems via Bluetooth. I tried disconnecting all other devices except the Muse headband and a few times already I held the power button for 15 seconds to do a reset. I also re-paired it on my mac quite a few times.

The headband works on my android phone without any problems.

I also tried: ps -a | grep “muse-io” in the terminal. ust one process was listed here: 836 ttys000 0:00.00 grep muse-io

I hope somebody can help! Otherwise I’ll ask myself why I should pay 300 bucks for this thing :slight_smile:



Can no one help?



This is the first I have heard of this behaviour on a Mac. I have seen it sometimes on Windows and normally it is resolved by using a Bluetooth USB dongle rather than a built in chip or card.

There are a few recommended dongles listed on Perhaps using one of those may help, even if it is not listed explicitly for Mac.