Bluetooth won't stay connected, only paired on Muse Direct Win10


When I first discover the device, it will find it, connect no problem. After about three seconds, the headband horseshoe will start pulsing again and my PC will only say that it is paired with the headband but not connected.

Anyone know what the issue is?


Hi , I am also facing the same problem “connectivity issue”


Bluetooth on Windows is super glitchy. I went through 5 different bluetooth devices before I found one that worked semi-reliably.

This is the one that eventually worked for me.

Alternatively I can recommend my mobile app Muse Monitor which has built in OSC streaming :wink:


the same problem !!!
Windows 10 64x. asus notebook. Intel bluetooth device driver


I have the same problem.

I would like to share information about Intel wireless Bluetooth driver.
The below version of the driver is enable to connect to Muse-481, but the latest one is unable to connect to the same.

Driver Provider: Intel Corpolation
Driver Date: 03/08/2017
Driver Version:
Digital Signer: Microsoft Windows Hardware Compatibility Publisher


I found that thread useful.