Brain Controlling Oculus Rift DK2 with Muse EEG


Hi All,

Well this is a first working prototype of moving (only forward at this time) through the Oculus VR Unity Demo, using just my brain signals captured by our custom App with The Muse EEG, and decoded with our algorithms at MindBigData

It’s just a proof of concept, too much head movement creates a lot of noise in the EEG signals, but they blend very good together due to the lightness of this EEG.

More actions must be integrated too, and we are in the process of getting seed to make the MindBigData decoding algorithms universal, releasing a first beta at that point.

Promising but a lot work to be done yet!

Stay tuned for more.

Thanks & Best,
David Vivancos, [+540 Ideas to share] [+700K Brain Signals]
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