Brain to Synthesizer - How can you make muse control a MIDI device to make sounds?


I want to route frequency bands to different oscillators so I can hear my brain waves not see them. Like this:

This guy has done it and made a video with muse:

He didn’t explain how, but is it easy?

I don’t know any programming like cmd.exe and can only do basic stuff like turn the computer on and off :smiley:


Hey frustrateduser,

Of course the easiest way to try out auditory neurofeedback with Muse is to use our official application (more info at! :wink:

It does require at least a little bit of technical knowledge to make Muse control custom audio yourself. The person in the second video you posted appears to be using Pure Data, which is a popular open source visual programming language. Lots of artists and musicians use it. There’s definitely a bit of a learning curve, but it can do lots of interesting things. In the first video you posted, they’re using SuperCollider, which is yet another software development tool mostly used by musicians/artists.

I recently posted an example of how to bring live Muse data into something called Max/MSP, which is basically exactly the same as Pure Data but not open source:

If you’re an audio-type and you use Ableton Live, there is a Muse plugin for Ableton called Muse Port (made by one of our forum users, to_the_sun!):
It still requires you to use the command prompt/terminal though.

I do realize this may all be outside your comfort zone, though. Sorry that I don’t have something to recommend that works right out of the box! Perhaps someone else will suggest something that I’ve forgotten or don’t yet know about!


Thanks for replying Tom, your “OFFICIAL” app ‘calm’ does not apply to me as I am on windows PC only…

How can one learn how to use Pure Data or SuperCollider? Obviously they must have learnt how to use it somewhere also? I don’t see any youtube tutorials either. I am sure it is fairly easy right? Just punch in a bunch of commands? Could you possibly show me or at least show me where I can learn?

I could use ableton plugin fine but I just read the ableton plugin MUSEPORT webpage and it appears to only use eeg data and not frequency bands like theta absolute, gamma relative, mellow, concentration etc. making it useless. Can you double check that for me though, I can understand the technical language that well?

“[SIZE=16px]Brainwave readings from the four sensors of the Muse can either be averaged as they arrive in the device or the highest can be used and the rest discarded”[/SIZE][SIZE=12px]. Note that the five standard brainwaves report absolute values, whereas before they reported relative session values, and now there are five separate relative brainwave parameters which can be automated (graphed). The two experimental scores Concentration and Mellow can also be automated, and since version 1.2, they can be streamed in real time and therefore mapped to any parameter in Live. In the device they have taken the place of the 3rd and 5th outputs along the bottom. Previously these were the Alpha and Gamma outputs, from which Mellow and Concentration are derived, respectively.[/SIZE]



There are online resources for both Pure Data and SuperCollider, and Max/MSP, for that matter:

PureData documentation:
SuperCollider wiki:
Max/MSP docs:

If you look at the screenshot for Muse Port you can see that it is displaying gamma band power information, so I don’t think it’s just raw EEG.


You might want to take a look at Vision EEG’s Brain2Midi Android software. It does exactly that, converting EEG signals into frequencies and then into MIDI routing it to any compatible PC MIDI software.
Tutorial and promotion on youtube :…v5M_Mcm3iVrRHg