Brain2Boid: An experimental Neurofeedback system using the Muse headband


Hey everyone!

I developed an experimental Neurofeedback system in the course of my bachelor thesis that can be used with the Muse headband. The software is developed using Node.js and frontend Javascript, especially the excellent visualisation library d3.js.
During the neurofeedback you will see a flock of triangles - or boids - which changes colour and speed depending on the activity in different frequency bands. The UI also offers a few explanations, which are only available in German so far. You can find (and fork) the project and English explanations and how to’s on github though:
Hope you share your thoughts on it!

Btw: I included a recording for those of you who dont own a Muse, so you can try it out as well!

Have a good one!


Thank you very much for developing this application. I just found it now as I was reading through the forums. I’m not sure if you’re active or even visit the Muse forums anymore but if you do I’d really like to hear if you still work with or develop neurofeedback systems.

Again, thanks for sharing.


Hi m4ra!

I’m not very active in the forums anymore and haven’t really further developed the application due to lack of time. The funny thing is that I was just filling out a form to participate in a contest with the Brain2Boid system when I read your message. Good timing I would say :slight_smile:
I definitely have plans to extend the functionality and bring in elements of gamification in the future though. But I can’t really tell you when that’s going to happen, since I have a few other projects that I’d like to tackle first. If you have ideas or want to extend the software in any way, feel free to contact me and we can see how we can collaborate on it!

Thanks for the message and have a good day


What luck that I was able to catch you! I’m working on similar projects and still getting used to the development side. I’ll definitely keep you posted on developments on my side. It would be great if we could collaborate in the future, feedback is always great!


Trying to get this working but always gets:
throw err

cannot find module ‘gauss’ in about ten places.

I followed the instructions and am using Muse SDK 3.4.1

Did I miss something?



Hi Tom!

Try installing the ‘gauss’ npm package as described here:
Hope that helps.


thanks I’ll try that