Brainwave research oriented apps for ios


Hi Tom, are there any plans for more brainwave research oriented apps for ios? or is CALM pretty much it for this headset?

thanks in advance



How about an area here where we can look to see if anyone has created apps to go along with the muse.

To be honest, having only CALM is quite STRESS inducing:)


Hi Morry,

Once our full native SDK is released in January or February, developers and researchers will be able to make any kind of iOS app for Muse. The SDK will also include example apps for things like basic recording and to demonstrate what is generally possible. I think people will make some pretty cool stuff, and lots of them already are, even ahead of the new SDK release! People are really eager to develop with this stuff.

We’re definitely going to make sure that there is a place to find and share apps for Muse, and we’ll be getting the word out on our upcoming dev blog about cool Muse projects that we come across. We’re working super hard on getting everything in place to foster a healthy and exciting dev community around Muse. It’s all in its early stages right now. There should be some fun new stuff available for people soon.

Thanks for the feedback!


Thanks Tom, I’m encouraged by your reply:)

You are appreciated!