Buying version 2014, 2016, or new Muse 2?


I am new to Muse and saw there are some differences in supporting applications, connection issues with certain software/apps, and also options to modify or extend it with more sensors with usb ?

Is there any pros cons in all these 3 versions?

Basically, I want to get the most information I can get from the brain, not only for meditation but also some deeper info, if I can get any.

so which one would u recommend? So options to buy are

  1. used 2014
  2. new version onwards 2016
  3. Muse 2 that also includes accelometer, breathing sensors, etc…


Here are the sensors:

  • 2014 MU-01 - 220Hz EEG x 6 (4 on head, 2 optional via USB), Accelerometer.
  • 2016 MU-02 - 256Hz EEG x 5 (4 on head 1 optional via USB), Accelerometer, Gyroscope.
  • 2018 MU-03 - 256Hz EEG x 6 (4 on head, 2 optional via USB[pending SDK update]), Accelerometer, Gyroscope, PPG (heart /blood oxygen).

It’s also worth noting that the battery in the 2016 and 2018 Muse’s lasts quite a bit longer than the 2014 model as they use Bluetooth Low Energy. Also an older battery from 2014 will likely hold much less charge than a newer battery.


hi, thank you. i bought used 2014 as a starter as it was only available for sale near me whether new or used. I also saw that some folks were tryng to change battery and some did with soldering. so I might do that if I learn to do it.

also, now researching capabilities and software and it’s not as straightforward. the meditation use is ok, but rather limiting and trying to see which software can be used. I was also looking if it can be connected with openbci, but haven’t seen anyone doing it so far…