Calculating an attention factor


hey everybody,

i am really impressed by the broad range of the osc output with --dsp enabled!

is there also a channel for something like “attention” or “relaxation” as the app uses in the session graph or do we have to calculate that trough the shifts of alpha, beta and theta ?


yeah, I am also looking for the answer. how to determine the attention or calm state through raw data or alpha, beta… bands, are there some existing methods to calculate?


I was trying to ask the exact same thing on a different post too.
You can see a guy pouring beer with muse on youtube and I also saw someone saying that there used to be a channel of attention in the previous versions but not now.
Wonder if there’s anyway you can get those datas now…


AFAIK attention factor would be correlated with the Theta band. Relaxation would be correlated with Alpha.


Why isn’t there an already interpreted channel of data stream? I know RAW is good for certain things, but most of the developers (including me) really just want real-time interpreted signals in a 8-bit or 16-bit scale to start with. We are not doctors who can interpret the shape of a heartbeat signal, etc.