Calibration phase and calmness level


As I understand the calibration phase sets the baseline for the following meditation session.
So a calm % is relative to the way the calibration went

I do understand that this is a good thing to reward calming a busy mind down. Would the baseline be a default (Buddhist monk on a hill) than most user would be frustrated with their results.

BUT how about a rating of the baseline. This way the readings would be more useful and informative.

Example. I have all instruction voice.volumes muted and start to meditate while the sensor check and calibration. So my baseline is let’s say on a scale of 1 (calm) to 10 (busy) a 3 and I archive a calmness.level of 80% .
The next day I have a lot on my mind and my baseline score is 7 with the calmness level being again 80%.

Obviously the 80% in both cases is good compared to the baseline but has completely different values.
Maybe that is something a developer could think about.
It would be something I would like to see in the app and think it is useful to collect useful data to keep improving ones meditation skills.


This is exactly my thought. The data collected from the calibration is just too variable for me to make any sense of it. To begin with, a baseline created from a one minute calibration feels too short. There will be way too much variability from calibration to calibration.

The way I see it is, like you said, it needs to be based on the brain waves itself, a “calm” being below such and such set threshold. And perhaps there could be options to change this based upon the individual

Another one I was thinking is that perhaps it would use all calibration data. Every time you meditate and “calibrate” it would take the data and compile it with your older existing data to perhaps create a more stable baseline.

While the unit itself seems like it creates accurate data (not that there is anyway for me to really know). To me it feels like they have to make that data “meaningful”.

Just my thoughts