CALM (50%) and NEUTRAL (50%) while playing blitz CHESS. What's the explanation?

Hi all,

I was playing chess for 20 minutes (4 blitz games, which require full attention most of the time) and by the brain waves it looks like I was “neutral” (50%) and “calm” (50%), 0 minutes “active”.
Is there an explanation for this result? Is my device broken or the readings are complete bullshit?

Note: the calibration was performed as asked in the application: eyes closed, calm, trying no to think about anything in particular. The headband was correctly placed at the middle of my forehead, the signal was good (at least considering what the application was showing me).

Thanks in advance!

I wonder if a second device picking up brain activity could be used in tandem with the Muse so as to see what frequencies predominate during active, neutral, and calm. I do not have such a device, but others may.


Thanks for your reply keno555.

I think Muse Monitor (paid application) is showing the frequencies but I doubt this would be useful if the data provided by the sensors is inaccurate. I kept testing the device and I’m not happy with the results. Obviously something is wrong if I’m getting bird sounds while coding, playing chess, reading or doing an IQ test.

I would be very grateful if someone has an explanation for this readings.Maybe the data is correct but my interpretation is wrong…I hope this would be the case honestly.


Is there an explanation for this result? Is my device broken or the readings are complete bullshit?

It’s an interesting waveform. Assuming that it was measured correctly, I can at least explain the following.

  1. During the measurement period, you did not fall asleep or lethargy.
  2. During the measurement period, you did not feel angry or greedy.
  3. During the measurement period, your brain was not at rest.

If you want to see if MUSE is broken, it’s easier to meditate instead of do chess, and compare it to someone else’s waveform.

You can quickly determine whether MUSE is measuring correctly by looking at the EEG “raw data graph” in another application (for example, Muse Monitor).

In general, alpha waves will increase if you perform a “calm down” type of meditation. Gamma waves increase if you perform a type of meditation that “focus on the subject intensely”.
In addition, theta waves will increase if you meditate in a type that “broadly observe the state of your body, sensation, mind phenomena, and facts on mind”.

Also, as a general physiological reaction, if the eyes are open, visual signal processing occurs in the brain, so the gamma wave is strong, and the alpha wave indicating that the brain is idling is weak.
On the other hand, closing the eyes weakens the visual signal processing in the brain, so the gamma wave becomes weaker and the alpha wave that indicates the idling state of the brain becomes larger.

In addition, if you move facial muscles (eyes, facial expressions, jaws, tongue, etc.), myoelectric signals are mixed, causing large errors in EEG signals. As the result, the delta wave and other brain wave waveforms are also disturbed, reducing the reliability of the measured brain wave values.

The application you used doesn’t have the ability to present raw and the frequency band analyzed wave forms to the user, so you can’t analyze what happened in the brain during chess.

I came here to find the answer to this very question. I can easily get birds by just thinking about software code or chess games. In fact the more my mind wanders to work (coding) the more birds I get. The more I focus on my breath the louder it gets. Is there somewhere I havent found that explains exactly what trend they are looking for over baseline for birds vs storms?

Sounds to me like you have found activities that put you in the flow state/samadhi. There are also lots of physical activities that have the same impact (eg. Surfing). The nature and content of the activities themselves varies between people. Fundamentally, finding the activity that gets you into the ‘flow state’ or samadhi is extremely useful to finding your true purpose in life, because it means that you have found the activity that makes you feel relaxed, comfortable and connected. Very lucky. :sunflower: