Can EEG data from Muse be used to indicate ppl's stress level and (eye) fatigue?


Recently I and my coworker are working on a research project to use muse headset to detect people’s stress level and eye fatigue. I guess the stress level relates to meditation, and Eye fatigue relates to eye blinks.

Can anyone tell us will the EEG data from Muse is good enough to indicate these status?
Will it be enough to examine the data from Muse Lab or must be from Matlab?


Hi olivia…

Same question with you about how can i measure a stress activity with muse. My on going research is to investigate capability muse to detect stress and compare with GSR and HR activity . What kind of program that you use for data analysis?so you use matlab also or just muse lab? If you dont mind to share about your research i really appreciate it.




We plan to use muse lab and right now really don’t have anything to share, we are still in very early stage and trying to put things together. :joy:


Well it seems we are both in the same stage! :sweat_smile::sweat_smile: