Can I connect the Muse to BCI2000 or OpenViBE?


I want to investigate the BCI using Muse.
In BCI research, several software are useful to design a experimental paradigm or record a data such as BCI2000 or OpenViBE.
See below
OpenViBE :

Can I connect the Muse to these software for BCI reserach ?
If so, how to connect ? any technical handling is necessary?



We’re working on OpenVibe now and maybe BCI2000 after that. It will work similar to the brainbay pattern. Muse-io runs in the background and the research tool will receive sensor and stream configuration data from one or many muse’s.


Hello, when will the OpenVibe acquisition server for Muse be available? I am tempted to write my own driver, but if Interaxon already has one this would be wonderful!


Hello? Is anyone from Interaxon looking at these forums?


[B]hey atreat, did you start working on the driver ?[/B]


chrispie, yes, and I have it working. I’ve got a Muse connecting and feeding data to OpenVIBE via an acquisition server driver. I hope to publish it up on github soon.


I can’t wait! :wink:


Please distribute the Muse module in OpenVIBE if anyone has


@atreat Just wondering, can you show us how you connected open vibe to Muse?


Hi, can you share with us?


Does anyone has any information on this matter, I am looking to process signals in OpenViBE?

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Hi all,

Just wanted to jump in mention that the OpenViBE support has been put on the backburner for a little while. We’d LOVE to - we know that it’s a useful tool for many people, but we’re focused on bringing the SDK to all the major platforms first.

Wouldn’t be surprised if some enterprising folks in the community made an OpenViBE driver first though, which would be awesome.


FYI – with version 1.0.0 of OpenViBE, I’m able to use Lab Streaming Layer (LSL) to receive Muse data successfully. I run “muse-io --lsl-eeg EEG” and use the LSL driver of the OpenViBE acquisition server to connect.

Would be curious to hear people’s thoughts about this – are there any optimal parameter settings on the OpenViBE LSL driver for this? The driver does report some drift – would a native driver reduce this drift and/or otherwise be more optimal?


hey kartik,

I’ve tried using LSL to stream data from Muse directly into OpenViBE simultanously as streaming my experiment markers from a Java program. Unfortunately the timestamps don’t match. I first discovered that using the simple displaySignal box in OpenViBE and couldn’t see any of my markers at all!
For more on the timestamp issue see also here:

Unfortunately I haven’t got much experience with OpenViBE and device drifts yet, so can’t tell you anything about that.


BlueMuse ( can pipe LSL into OpenViBE. And it looks like they added support for the timestamp issue -