Can I pair Muse headband to both iPhone and PC?



I installed Muse research tools, including Muse-IO and MuseLab, on my laptop. However, my Muse headband simply didn’t pair with my laptop at all! I pressed the power button on the Muse headband for 5 seconds (sometimes even more time), but I never saw the five LEDs blink in unison. There was no reaction on the laptop either.

I thought it might be because the headband is already paired with my iPhone, so I turned off my iPhone. But this still didn’t help.

Can you help on this? Did I do something wrong?


I’m having the same problem.
Anyone has an idea ?_


Sure you all want to do this. Simply take a help of Apple Support Canada to solve the problem. I also take a help fro this site to pair muse headband with both iPhone and PC. If anyone is interested they can simply take a help of this site.