Can I switch of the Muse by a command?


I like to switch off the muse by a command after I’m finished with the job from my program.
I do not see a command in the MuseIO is this correct?


This would be a useful feature for MuseIO. A command line switch like --duty=secondsON/secondsOFF.
For example. --duty=600/300 would mean continually cycle 10 minutes on then 5 minutes off.
–duty=600/0 would mean run for ten minutes then shut down.

This duty switch would allow the 5 hour battery to last during an 8 hour sleep test.

Perhaps, MuseIO could send a shut-down command to the Muse whenever it is closing?


Hi there,

It’s not possible to turn Muse off with a command or option to MuseIO. However, when the connection is dropped (for example, when you stop MuseIO), Muse will go into searching mode for 5 minutes and then turn itself off automatically. So that is similar to MuseIO telling it to turn off on exit, but with a delay.

It also isn’t possible to turn the Muse back on via a command, you have to physically press the button.