Can I Test Muse without a Muse Device (Virtual Muse Device)


I need to develop a small application that connects to the muse device. I have seen the documentation. Is there any simulated input that can be given to the application which will be like the input from the device so that I can test it ? or a Virtial Muse Device


At least for desktops you can run a pre-recorded .muse file using Muse Player from the Research Tools. It will play the file as an OSC stream to a port you choose just like the headband does. Hope this helps.


MUSE CHECK fail at libmuse/src/common/data/muse_data_packet.h:77 (in virtual double interaxon::MuseDataPacketImpl::get_accelerometer_value(interaxon::bridge::Accelerometer)): type_ == bridge::MuseDataPacketType::ACCELEROMETER

Why do i get this error


You can only call get_accelerometer_value() if the MuseDataPacketType returned by MuseDataPacket::packet_type is Accelerometer. If you call get_accelerometer_value() on another packet_type (Eeg for example), then you will get this error.


After Connecting to muse device i get this error and muse stop to listen.

status=GATT_ERROR(133), newState=0