Can i use muse to modify brain waves

I am trying to make a service for blind people to get high-quality information using computer vision and other machine learning techniques, so I can just use a speaker to report the environment…but I want to just know that if we can modify or generate new waves which can affect the brain to take respected actions…or visualization.

Hi, Hiruthic

  • Have a look at this eSight electronic headset for vision enhancement.
  • Have a look at this Emotiv option
    They say a user can train their brain to operate it - connected with anything with electronic input.
  • I’d be interested to follow your progress if you are in a Facebook group or something like that.
  • I’m keen on brain-machine interface. I have a Muse for daily meditation, and also a new Platoworks that apparently will electrically stimulate creative areas of the brain, or alternatively, concentration areas for work. (But neither of those are ‘outward’, which is what you want.)
  • The most superb device, being developed by Elon Musk, is the Neuralink. See vid at