Can iOS device use External Accessory Programming to communicate with Muse headband?


I have problem using libMuse(5.4.0). Here is my post:

So I am wondering if i could use External Accessory programming to communicate with Muse. Using EADemo project from Apple developer, iOS device could connect to Muse successfully but could not receive any data. I understand that for serial communication, Muse Communication Protocol or MCP has several steps to communicate with Muse before the client could receive data from Muse. Are there any detail steps for using EA to receive data from Muse as well?


I’ve communicated directly with the Muse from both Android and Arduino using it’s serial commands, so I’m sure it must be possible in iOS. The details for the protocol are here:
It’s very likely that the MFI chips complicates things though, so if you’re not receiving anything at all, that’s where I’d point the finger of blame.
This is from my Arduino code to get you started:

btSerial.write("v 2
btSerial.write("r 1
");//This didn't do anything in my arduino tests
btSerial.write("% 12
");//Start streaming
readStream();//Read while sending "k
" every 10 seconds to keep alive.


Thanks for your advice.

I found a thread discussing the similar issue in 2014

Anyway, the sampling rate has been verified as correct, we will continue to use libMuse for our app development.