Can Muse be connected and used on Macbook Air?



I am a newbie and trying to make my Macbook Air to recognize my Muse.
Bluetooth can see the Muse, but it stays disconnected (“Not connected”)…

I tried to run MuseLab, selected OSC and entered 5000 for the port number., clicked “Open Port”, and nothing happened there…

Do I need an IOS device (iPhone, etc.) or it is possible to connect with MacBook Air only?



Can you please post the muse-io command you are using to connect to the Muse?



You will need to run “muse-io” from the terminal window to connect the MacBook Air to the Muse. To do this:

  1. Click on Spotlight and search for Terminal
  2. When the terminal opens enter the following line replacing “Muse-15B9” with the name of your Muse as it appears in the Bluetooth Settings.
    muse-io --device Muse-15B9

Once muse-io is running, you should start receiving data in MuseLab on port 5000.

Hope that helps.


Thanks, That worked. I now see data (numbers and symbols - muse/elements/…) inside the MuseLab on port 5000.

Can anything be done with these data on Macbook Air or I still need an IOS device and to buy an app (Muse Monitor?) for this IOS device (tablet or phone)?


You can view graphs of the incoming data and record it with MuseLab. For help getting this set up check out

If you want to replay your recorded file or convert it to a different format (CSV, MatLab), you can use muse-player (included in the research tools). It is described in more detail at


Thank a lot.

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I tried the same, but without macOS it is working hardly, do give it a try.