Can Muse Reprogram the Subconscious?


Hi, looking at buying a Muse and the website prompted me to ask a question: “What question do you need answered to decide if you’re seriously interested in Muse: the brain sensing headband?”

I’ve heard of others using the Muse this way and was wondering – How can it help me in reprogramming the subconscious?

Do I need to use the Muse + e-Avatar software? Or other software solutions that would enable me to use the feedback to reprogram my subconscious?

Is there a better tool?


I don’t think that Muse reprograms the subconscious per se. In my case I suffered from sleep deprivation (extremely poor qualify sleep) even though I would sleep through the night.

Meditating with Muse helped me to train my brain to relax enough that it now allows me to get normal rather than bad, abnormal sleep.


What do you mean by “subconscious”?