Can’t open muse app on iPhone X


Can’t open my muse app, always it shut down


I had the same thing on iPad earlier (iOS 12).

Reinstalling the app got it back (had to re-link account and headband afterwards).
The headband then had to have an update (took about 5 mins) - I suspect the issue relates to that.


I had the same thing yesterday, just uninstalled and reinstalled the app. Signed back in. I didn’t have to repair the headband, everything went right back to normal.


Same thing happened to me with my iPhone Xs. Deleted and reinstalled the app, then worked fine. BUT, it also removed ALL my Muse data (emphasis on my data) from Apple Health, so I lost my nearly 1 year of history. It’s all still in Muse’s cloud, but kinda useless to me since Interaxon still hasn’t provided any way to export. Boo. :-\