Can too many low frequency mean my MUSE has a problem?


Hello, I`m trying to use MUSE for a research, but when I try to use the raw data the greatest components are delta and theta waves. However, the subjects were not sleeping, meditating, or anything of that kind.
Am I interpreting the most active components wrong? Is it likely to be some form of interference, such as being surrounded by electronic components(Like wireless video game controller, computer screen)? My Muse is MU-02.
The image below was generated from EEGLab. I filtered the 1 and 50 Hz components.


I also see more delta than anything else in my data when I am awake. I’m not sure what the typical power frequency ratios are for a person while awake. Did you remove blinks from the data? I often notice big delta spikes when I blink my eyes.


I removed blinks I could find, as well as most spikes that I believe are due to movement, and I tried to filter the data. Even when I use the pre-processed data from muse I get higher amounts of delta than any other.