Can't connect Macbook Pro running Muse Lab to headband


I’m trying to run Muse Lab and when I try to pair my headband, it doesn’t show up on my Bluetooth on my Macbook. I’ve tried turning both off and on but still nothing. Can you advise me what to do?


I’ve not had any reply and I’m unable to connect even after trying all the suggestions in the Bluetooth connectivity help files:

and also resetting Bluetooth on my Mac:


If you look at the headband, does it have 1 or 2 USB ports on the back? It sounds like you have the latest Muse 2016 headband which only has 1 port and a power symbol on the power button.

The Muse 2016 headband uses Bluetooth Low Energy and the muse-io tool for Mac hasn’t been updated yet to work with the Muse 2016 headband. Since it is a Bluetooth Low Energy device, it also doesn’t appear in the Bluetooth settings on a Mac.

MuseLab can display the output from a Muse 2016 headband, you just need a way to receive data on the Mac. There is some third party software that can connect the Muse 2016 headband to an iOS or Android device and have that device forward the data to the Mac. Muse Monitor is one such application that can do this. Alternatively, if you would like to exchange your headband for the Muse 2014 version which can connect directly to a Mac, please contact They will be able to set up the exchange.


How can we make the Muse appear on a Mac? Can we use a Bluetooth dongle? If so, which do you recommend (I’ve used the Rocketek but so far without success on my Mac Pro 2010 and my MacBookPro 2015).