Can't connect muse 2016 to the unity app



I have downloaded the unity example project from here:
I have build the apk (minimum API 19 - android kit kat 4.4) and the muse headband (2016 version) doesn’t connect.

I paired the headband via bluetooth to my phone.
I opened the app on my phone.
I chose “Muse” in the dropdown menu. (it can see that the muse headband is around)

but no there’s a problem,
It’s says: “current connection state: disconnected”. when I hit the connect button it’s “connecting” and after few seconds it says: “disconnected” again. so obviously I can’t get any data when it’s disconnected.

any suggestions ?


Hi, I just have the same problem… actually if I build the unity example project then it’s working fine, muse is connecting and I’m getting the data but after building my own app (iOS) it just doesn’t stay connected…
Anyone solved this?