Can't connect Muse 2016 with the Muse Monitor app




I am attempting to connect the Muse 2016 headset to the Muse Monitor app on my phone.
I powered and paired via Bluetooth the Muse headset but I still have the message “Waiting. Please power on and pair your Muse.” and can’t record any data.

Does anyone know how to overcome that ?

Thank you.


The Muse headband can only connect to one app at a time, so make sure you have closed the Interaxon Calm app and the Muse is disconnected before running Muse Monitor and vice versa!

The foolproof way to make sure an app is fully closed is to double tap the home button, then swipe the app off the screen.


Thank you for the answer.

I think it was only connected to the Muse Monitor, but now the Muse doesn’t even appear in bluetooth, like if it was not recognised…
Do you have any idea why and how to fix that ?


Check the lights on the Muse device.
If they are solid, then it is connected to something… possibly to another device if you have one nearby.
If the lights are flashing back and forth, then it is searching for something to connect to.


I just found the solution: I needed to put on the localisation on my phone!

Thank you for your help.


Hi Charlene

Can you explain specifically what you changed with the localisation? I’m having the same issue, but can’t seem to resolve it unlike you.



I put the GPS on on my phone.
Even if the app doesn’t need location information, I had read somewhere that it was still necessary…

I hope you will be able to solve your problem!


That must be because the 2016 Muse is Bluetooth LE and Bluetooth LE needs to have the location permission in order to connect to a device! I have no idea why Google made this a requirement, but this is good to know!