Can't connect muse headband


My headband connects only to the Muse Monitor app via my iPhone but I can’t connect it to my Android tablet or find it through bluetooth when I scan for devices.
I used to be able to connect it to my android tablet but now I can’t :(.

What it could be?
Ive tried to reset everything… disconnect the muse monitor app, and many more things. nothing helps.


When i try to pair it via the tablet it says “unable to pair with Muse BF63 - make sure Muse BF63 is ready to pair”


You don’t need to pair the Muse unless you have the old 2014 Muse with two USB ports.

The most common cause of connection issues is the Muse connecting to another app or device. Check the lights on the Muse. When you turn it on it’ll sweep the lights up and down to show that it’s searching for a device to connect to. When it connects, then all the lights turn full on.

So if your Muse lights are full on, but it’s not connected to Muse Monitor, then it’s connected to something else first! If you want to connect the Muse to your Android tablet, then first make sure that both Muse Monitor and the Interaxon Calm app on your iPhone are fully closed. On most devices you can do this by double tapping the home button and swiping the app off the screen. If it’s still connected to something, then check the Interaxon Calm app is also closed on your Android tablet.

The other thing you can do to control which device the Muse connects too is to turn the bluetooth on/off.


Thanks for your reply.
I double checked that everything was disconnect. Anyways the device decided to be able to pair today so I guess problem was solved even though I have no idea what was the prob :expressionless:


Could be low battery. It has trouble when it’s low. Make sure you give it a full 2-3 hours of charge and that might sort it out.