Can't get data in Muse IO (Win 7)


My Muse works fine with the Calm app on my Android device. But I can’t get data/connection (pairing works) on my Windows PC in muse-io (I disabled other pairings with my phone yes).

I’ve read the other post in the forum where people experience similar problems, but no resolution seems to help… (factory reset to make sure it isn’t paired anywhere else, specifying com ports, creating com ports)

My Muse is paired with my newly acquired top notch bluetooth dongle on my PC. It’s called ‘Muse’ but it never seems to be connected.

When I start muse-io i keep getting:

Device match pattern: muse
No paired devices exist with matching name or MAC!

I can specify ‘Muse’, but the search seems to be case-insensitve anyway.

Any help on getting the data would be greatly appreciated!




To connect to a muse we have to enumerate the bluetooth devices associated with your computer using the windows standard API. Some dongle manufacturers supply their own stack which does not enumerate through the win32 API. There is a problem (feature?) of windows only recognizing a single bluetooth radio per system too, which is also why dongles sometimes come with a stack.

Do you know if you installed a separate stack with the dongle? Did you add the device through “start” -> “devices and printers” -> “add device” or a custom tool/suite?

We’re going to look carefully at our windows API interface and see if we can resolve, or at least illuminate, some of these problems.


Ok sorry I forgot to add that there is an option in muse-io for connecting to the windows com port device that is created by pairing. This may work if the bluetooth does not.

So to use the com port option to connect to com4 it would be like:

[I]muse-io.exe --com 4 --osc osc.udp://:5000 [/I]

instead of

[I]muse-io.exe --device Muse --osc osc.udp://:5000 [/I]


Whatever I try it doesn’t seem to connect.

Image upload doesn’t seem to work, so I uploaded a screenshot showing everything here:


Ok, maybe we can narrow the problem down a bit.

Can you first remove the muse device, then re-pair it, just to make sure the keys are correct.

Then try to open a hyperterminal or putty connection to an incoming serial port. (The connection is from your pc to the muse). Try a couple of times if it doesn’t work at first. If it opens the connection (115k) then type “v” and hit enter. Is there a version response? The muse’s hardware exposes a standard bluetooth com port, so using the windows tools will help illuminate if the problem is with the driver layer or how muse-io is opening the com port.


com6 and 7 open to the terminal (others give error: “Cannot open com port”) but I don’t see any 115k and I can’t input any text.


It won’t echo commands but if you type “v” and “enter” within the connected terminal it should dump a version message.

When you tried to connect with the terminal did the lights change at all? What pattern are they showing?