Can't install libmuse


I’m using “Running the Sample App on an Android Device” as follow,but after step [SIZE=13px]2) [/SIZE]Download LibMuse[SIZE=13px] & install it.[/SIZE]
I can’t find the file “” from the installation directory, so stopped there.
can any one help me out? [h=3]Using Android Studio[/h] [SIZE=13px]1) [/SIZE]Download Android Studio[SIZE=13px] & install it.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=13px]2) [/SIZE]Download LibMuse[SIZE=13px] & install it.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=13px]3) Copy from the installation directory to your home directory (where X.Y.Z is the version number of the library).[/SIZE]

[SIZE=13px]4) Extract libmuse_android-X.Y.Z.[/SIZE]


Yes, I have had the same problem. So if anyone out there can help us that would be great. Hey I just figured it out, when you go to install Libumse, it will ask you where you want the directory to be installed at, this is where you change it to home dir and add x.y.z to the end to create a folder you can get to when you file/import. Hope this works for you.



Thanks for pointing that out. We updated documentation on our website.
Basically, after you install libmuse, installer doestn’t create any archives anymore, it extracts all required data to your install dir. So there are no copy/extract steps anymore. After opening File/Import window in your IDE, navigate directly to our example project, which is intalldir/libmuse/libmuse_1.0.4/examples/TestLibMuseAndroid.

Let us know if it still doesn’t work for you.