Can't manage any calm at night


Hello, I’ve had muse(previous generation) for a few days. During the morning and day I’ve started to make some progress, but at night before bed I just did a 25 min session and only managed 5 percent calm vs this morning I got a 65 percent calm. Had same experience yesterday. Very frustrating. Any tips? I’m totally new to mediation.


Try not to get to frustrated. I’ve had similar issues - I can still get useful sessions out, but do find it hard to get sessions feeling consistent in their feedback.

In my experience, the calibration can have a massive effect on the usefulness of the feedback sounds in the Muse app.

If you’re already relaxed, or start meditating during calibration, it can be a more difficult session to get a guage on what the feedback is describing.

I’ve had:

  • entire sessions where the feedback didn’t seem to respond to my (perceived) inner state,
  • sessions where there’s heavy feedback, but I feel I have some control and can get to short periods of birdsong (those I actually find useful since they help tune you towards deeper calm, even if the stats at three end tell you you weren’t very calm
  • sessions where I can’t really get a sense of what the feedback is responding to - long sections of calm feedback with sudden upsurges in noise, then don’t back to silence without me perceiving much difference in internal state.

I’m assuming most of these oddities are down to calibration and not faults, or my brain doing weird things - without knowing the raw values and baseline level for a session, it’s hard to know what the issue is.

I have found “desensitising” the feedback by deliberately thinking, or “looking at the back of my eyelids” during calibration gets a more relateable kind of feedback, but it can be a bit"numb" if you go overboard.

But before you try that, please bear in mind this approach has its downsides - you can end up not trusting the feedback level and forcing the when you may just need more time to settle in.

Note: I also find the awards and ratings can be a bit distracting since the calibration may mean you end up with per states on a session, even though you may have made progress vs a previous higher rate session where you had a higher baseline of activity during calibration.

Not sure if that helps much, but at least you know you’re not alone!

p.s. I’m new to Muse, but have been using it a lot over the past few weeks. I’ve mediated a bit over the years, but not that advanced as my practice was sporadic, albeit I did tend towards long sessions.


Thanks Will,

I sort of stumbled upon the calibration thing myself yesterday. I’m thinking about coming up with a set action i do during calibration to try and at least get consistent results. I do think I was getting extremely calm and starting the process during calibration which was basically setting the bar way to high to reduce my brain waves any more than that.

Maybe an update to the app with some sort of guided actions to perform during calibration would be a wise thing for the developers to add.