Can't receive data with python_osc


I’m using python 3.6 wit the python_osc library, the muse 2016 headband and the code that is provided here:

The eeg-headband is connected with muse direct.

If I understand this code correctly, it should print out the eeg values, after the server receives messages because of that function:
def eeg_handler(unused_addr, args, ch1, ch2, ch3, ch4):
print("EEG (uV) per channel: ", ch1, ch2, ch3, ch4)

But I get nothing after: "Serving on (“”, 8006)
With these settings in muse direct:

Did I set the right address with the dispatcher?
Do I have to send a configuration preset via OSC to muse direct?


hi I just run into the same problem - did you manage to solve it?


I’m also having the same problem! My inelegant workaround was to run muse-io in a linux VM instead of relying on MuseDirect. I’ve tried getting the data from MuseDirect for quite some time and none of the methods I’ve found have worked, including using Muse Lab to forward the data to Python. I’m considering using linux for all development until this works.


same with me and the company support don not give feedback on any email


Hey Folks, this library requires muse-io, which unfortunately only works with the 2014 model headsets. Muse is not supporting the 2016 models very well.