Changing Notch filter from 60Hz to 50Hz


I’m trying to understand what the four different EEG signals that can be visualized represents in terms of brain waves (gamma, theta, and so on). I have read about the available data on [I] [/I]but haven’t been any wiser. Is there anyone that could explain this to me or refer me to another source of information?

Thanks in advance.

Edit: When using the command " muse-io --50hz " nothing happens. I am using the latest SDK.



The four EEG signals represents the raw EEG data, which is measured in micro-volts (uV) and it contains all the waves combined together. If you want to get just the alpha or gamma or other waves, you can just select them in the MuseLab visualization program. It will show you only the alpha component from the raw signals. These represent different frequencies of wave that the brain emits.

The notch filter frequency is completely UNRELATED to the brain wave frequencies at all. The notch filter is used to filter out the noise coming from the power lines from your electrical outlet. In general, north america power lines operate at 60Hz, so in that case set notch filter to 60Hz to filter out those noisy data. Same thing if you live in a country that uses 50Hz for power lines.

Hope this helps.