Must we create an account/use cloud or can we use Muse by linking to tablet only storing data locally? We do not want our data on the cloud.



Hi there,

To record EEG and many other types of data locally without cloud storage, you can use the existing SDK tools (MuseIO, MuseLab, and MusePlayer), or even write your own.

It is not possible to disable cloud storage in the Calm app. User data is anonymized, though, and it cannot be accessed by anyone unless a user opts-in to the research program.


Thanks for the info provided so quickly. It is to bad that Calm does not have the ability to toggle cloud storage on/off. I expect we will return this and wait to see if a non-cloud option exists in future versions.

Thanks again.


I am using your Muse Meditation App. How can I access to my data? Where is it saved?