Compatible Devices



I am interested in working with the Muse headband on a range of “embedded” devices such as Intel Edison. When I have (briefly) looked through the “compatible” devices and SDK documentation it appeared that only iOS, Android and/or Windows devices were supported.

Is there a resource or some documentation that I have missed?

Many Thanks.



Those OS’s are just the ones with an SDK. Technically you can connect any Bluetooth capable device to Muse, you just need to understand the protocols involved.
Interaxon already have all that documented in their developer resource page.

It’s obviously a bit more work than a nice high level language SDK. If you look on the forums; before the SDK was released there were already a few people who wrote their own libraries by following the above. I myself, was 80% through writing my own for Android before the SDK was released and it’s not that hard… Just make sure to keep an eye on your endians!


Hi Enigma644,

Thank you for your reply and link. I now have the information to proceed. I do not mind hard work, I just wanted confirmation that there was a way.

I am also interested in your recording/data analysis apps.