Completely New to Muse Developer


Hi all, I recently purchased a Muse headband and I presume it is the 2016 version as I can’t connect to my computer via bluetooth. I was wondering if someone could guide me on how to correctly use MuseLab and MuseIO. I have the musemonitor app installed on my phone but I don’t have a clue how OSC works, and was wondering if anyone could help explain how to 1. Connect/send data to my MacBook and 2. use the app in general. I understand this is such a general question, but that’s my complete lack of knowledge on this subject. If anyone could answer directly what values I enter into the program and MuseMonitor app and where to find them that would be immensely helpful. If not, I would appreciate any tips or links to previous discussions or videos. Thanks!


First make sure that your MacBook and your mobile device are on the same Wifi network.

Run Muse Lab and load this config file. This will automatically make MuseLab listen for OSC on UDP port 5000.

In Muse Monitor, go to Settings and enter the local IP of your MacBook. If you’re not sure what this is, on your Mac, open System Preferences and Network. Your local IP Address will probably start with 192, or 10. e.g. “”, or “”.

Now just press the stream button in Muse Monitor.