Computing moods from waves


I’m getting familiar with EEG and Muse. I did create a dsp visualisation using Processing. However, I’d like to come to a reliable conclusion regarding the moods that I can derive from the waves. Few articles mention that alpha and beta waves determine “Happy” mood. Is there any algorithm for determining the moods? Any math formula ?


I believe not. First, you would have to define “happy” and the relative amounts or patterns of alpha and beta that indicate a specific mood. Having the inputs in the form of EEG data is just the beginning. I would watch the YouTube series on basic EEG here :

Just watching this series has informed me that this is not an easy problem to solve.



Knew that you can’t do it but had to check the thread just in case. Putting aside abstract and subjective concepts like “happy”, if you could just measure mood as a scale just like focus with a device like Muse, the implications would be mind-boggling.