Concentration algorithm


I’m going to make a project and I want to know the mechanism of concentration(as mathematical formula.)

Also, I get a ‘concentration’ data. However, I get “muse/algorithm/mellow ,f B� ” from console windows. How can I solve this problem?


Mellow and Concentration were deprecated back in April 2016, however, they were based on this paper: “My Virtual Dream”: Collective Neurofeedback in an Immersive Art Environment by Natasha Kovacevic, Petra Ritter, William Tays, Sylvain Moreno, Anthony Randal McIntosh,

The algorithm isn’t a straight forward algorithm, but monitoring the progression of the Relative Spectral Power (RSP) of Alpha for Mellow, or the same thing for Gamma for Concentration.


electrically- concentration in eeg is functionally equivalent to centripetal charge field - see centripetal electrical fields (as in EEG for focus/charge compression) is implosive when the power spectra evidences phase conjugation - golden ratio in frequency domain- - we applied that successfully with MUSE at