Connect muse monitor to a wi-fi local network


I have a muse headband that connects through bluetooth to my Muse Monitor app running on android. With muse monitor, I then send OSC data to my MacBook Pro through a normal Wi-Fi network and this works fine. However I would like to send OSC data to my Macbook Pro through a local network wi-fi that I create on my MackBook, but I haven’t been successful. When I enter the local IP adresse in the muse monitor parameter nothing happens. And on my mobile phone the Wi-Fi parameter does not seem to detect the local network name, but apps like WiFiman running on the mobile phone do detect my local network signal ! Is there something I should do I am not doing ? Any ideas why the communication is not working ?


Try doing it the other way round by using the WiFi hotspot on your phone and connecting your Mac to that.

I’ve successfully done on-site demo’s this way.


OK thanks. And if I have 2 headbands with 2 phones, do I use a WIFI hotspots for each phone ?


Just use one hotspot.
If you’re streaming to your MacBook, you’d need to use a single one as the MacBook would only be able to connect to one.


Ok, so I connect the second phone to the same hotspot.
Great, thanks.


I used one mobile phone for the hotspot, with two phones with muse headbands all streaming through Wifi to my mac in a performance and it worked well. Thanks