Connecting Muse 2016 to Windows 10



Using Muse 2016 model, paired with my Windows 10 64 bit .
Opening the CMD and writing:
muse-io --device DEVICE_NAME

Where DEVICE_NAME is taken from the windows bluetooth list of connected devices.
But I keep getting connection failures.

What do I need to do to fix this?

According to the Muse app on my iPhone the muse firmware is 1.2.13.



Muse-io doesn’t support Bluetooth LE yet. If you want to stream OSC data to your PC you can use my Muse Monitor app. Just put your PC’s IP in settings and hit the stream button in the app :slight_smile:


Dear Enigma644,
Meanwhile, does Muse-IO now support Bluetooth LE?


Muse Monitor is a much easier way to get raw data than MuseLab, and the data quality is excellent. It’s filling the gap for us while Muse gets with the program (literally) for the Muse 2016. It’s so easy to use, though, we may not need MuseLab for quite a while.


Can not connect PC to Muse thru Bluetooth MuseIO failing even though PC says that device is Bluetooth paired.


If you check the headband, does it have 1 or 2 micro USB ports on it?

If the headband only has 1 USB port, then you have the latest Muse 2016 headband. Unfortunately Muse-IO has not been updated to work with the Muse 2016 headband yet. As mentioned above, Muse Monitor is able to connect to the 2016 headband and forward the data to a PC as an OSC stream . The OSC stream can be displayed in Muse Lab or recorded with Muse Player on the PC.

Hope this helps.


You have a preview to update the muse lab to be able to connect with the last version of the headband?

i have to same problem…




So I have the Muse Monitor app installed on my iPad and it works. But when I try to send the live data to MuseLab, something seems to be not going right there. I have my PC IP address, made sure the PC and iPad are using the same wifi network and turned off my firewall, while also changing the IP address in the Muse Monitor settings to match my PC. But when I type in 5000 into Opened Ports and select UDP, then refresh MuseLab, nothing happens… What am I doing wrong? It would be really great if someone can help me out here…


Bolor, See my reply in this thread.


How about Muse 2016 availability with Muse Monitor app on Android?


Muse Monitor works with both the old and new 2016 Muse.


I could set up an environment using Muse Monitor and Muse Lab.
muselab_configuration.json was also helpful. Thanks!


Hi, I have the same problem with my Muse 2016.
My reason to buy it was to see the raw EEG data on my pc without using the phone.
Is that possible?Or the only way is to pay the monitor app and use the phone?


As the author I would obviously encourage people use to use Muse Monitor, which is feature rich and works every time, etc etc :wink: … but that said, Interaxon has recently released Muse Direct as a replacement for Muse-IO, which is supposed to work with the 2016 Muse, but your success will vary depending on your Mac/PC’s bluetooth device. I went through five different Bluetooth LE usb devices before I found one which worked.


In starting to install and use Muse Direct to allow me to see raw EEG data on-screen, I find I can easily activate the bluetooth toggle, as suggested in the directions, but my connections look poor on that screen, even while I am running a MUSE session, and no way can I activate the RECORD toggle.


Muse Monitor has a record button that works :wink:


Thanks. I installed Muse Monitor directly from your given link (above) and it installed as LibMuse and nowhere in its menus could I find how to see my brainwaves on my pc. Please direct me. I have been trying for 2 weeks now to do this.


You have to add visualizers one by one; it’s bit of a pain. If you load my configuration file it will sort it all out for you :slight_smile:


Also, if you record in CSV format, you can use the Online Charts at