Connecting Muse 2016 to Windows 10


This looks closer it asks to select a file… What file would I have created to now select?


The Online Charts are for viewing Muse Monitor recordings in CSV format.


Hello Enigma644,
it doesn’t really help to promote your app every second line. People in this thread want their Muse to be connected with their Win 10 for several reasons. I f.e. want to crunch the data via python in realtime others want it for different things. Its nice that Muse Monitor is doing a good job, and it does (have it installed on my phone). But the question is not, does it work with muse-monitor. The question is, why doesn’t it work with Win 10? And also muse direct doesn’t connect to my 2016 device. By the way - is the support reading?


@clearseven I apologise if you feel I’m just doing advertising; that’s not my intention. I completely agree that the Muse should just work with Windows, but the fact of the matter is that it doesn’t always, so I was offering my workaround solution. Unfortunately, I think it’s the nature of the PC environment with so many different hardware combinations that the cause of the problem.
Please note that this thread is 6 months old now. If you look at the newer threads, you’ll see that I did eventually find a USB Bluetooth device which works with the Muse and linked it for people. This is the one I bought from China, and took about 4 weeks to arrive to me in Canada! I just looked on Amazon and found this one which appears to have the same markings as mine, if you want to get it delivered faster. I can’t guarantee it’ll work for you, but it’s working on both my custom build desktop and my Dell XPS Laptop.