Connecting to different H/W or signal


Dear developers and Muse seller.

Recently, I and my team are going to develop a combination system with MUSE.

We have our own developed biosignal acquisition system such as NIRS, ECG and EMG.

It is small H/W and we already have matlab based S/W to receive the data from H/W.

By the way, the combination project between MUSE and our own H/W requires data acquisition simultaneously.
So we want to know the solutions to combine two signals to obtain.
I guess there are two possible approaches.

  1. If MUSE has external port which can receive data through external cable, we may deliver, for example, EMG data from our H/W to MUSE. Then we can get combined data (may on expanded channels) through MUSE library.
    So I have question for this approach, is there any external port that I can give signal to MUSE?

  2. The second approach is to develop combining S/W in PC base. It means that each H/W (ours and MUSE) has bluetooth module and connects to PC. Then we may develop a program that connects to MUSE as well as our H/W thereby receiving data stream from two devices simultaneously.
    In this case, I also have question. If I develop such system, then do I need to use two bluetooth modules in one PC for each H/W (ours and MUSE) or is there specialized bluetooth module that can connect with more than two external devises?