Connecting via muse-io on OSX - All samples dropped


Hi guys!

Had to stop using my Muse 2014 almost a year ago, and wanted to get back to it: what was working fine is not working anymore. I’m following the usual steps:

  • Muse is paired
  • Connecting using muse-io --osc osc.udp://localhost:5001
  • Connection successful: first display of bits/s, battery, noise, etc.
  • PROBLEM: nothing else happens… Bits/s or noise values don’t change when I’m wearing or removing the headband. Connection seems fine (checking bluetooth settings), but it’s not updating real time. When I abort and reconnect, I can see an increased number of dropped samples.

I have tried:

  • reset Muse
  • update Muse firmware using the Muse iOS app
  • unpair/repair Muse
  • download latest version of museio/Muselab
  • restart computer (Mac OSX Yosemite)

Am I missing something obvious? Any ideas?
Thanks a lot for your help!