Connection issue


my muse was working good for 3 months now I cannot get it to connect to my galaxy 5 . keeps coming up as " cannot connect" I have the location on and it is always fully charged. I tried unpairing it and also a hard reset of holding down the power button for 16 seconds and nothing works. How do I return it for repair or get another one sent out?


Please contact They will be able to help you further.


It seems to take a lot of time in for Custer care. I tried the things I know. But a trouble shooting page would be nice.


There are a few troubleshooting pages to try:

There is a FAQ page on that can be found under the “FAQ & Support” section of the top bar. For Bluetooth connectivity specifically there is the following page:

While more geared to the Research Tools, there is also the following page for Muse 2014 headbands (headbands with 2 USB ports):

Hope that helps.