Connection problems with HONOR 6X - mobile phone issues



I have serious problems connecting my MUSE headband to my HONOR 6X since several months. While the headband (2016 version) as well as bluetooth on my phone is activated, after clicking on “Start Session” the writing “TURN ON YOUR HEADBAND” appears.

At this stage, either nothing happens (for 10 minute) or my headband is detected, but after clicking on the name of the headband, the folling error appears in 90% of the cases: “Could not connect to headband.
Make sure your headband is powered on and the battery is charged, then try again. To make sure you picked the correct one, check the last four characters of the serial number printed on your headband’s left earpiece.”

What I then do is force stop the app, turn off bluetooth and headband for 60 seconds and then I give it a next try (following the exact instructions I got from the MUSE Support). SOMETIMES this helps. MOST OF THE TIMES it doesn’t. As I said sometimes phone and headband CAN connect and I was able to meditate for several times. However, I am really annoyed that meditating with muse is such a time-consuming task for me. Sometimes I try to connect my phone and muse for 15 minutes without success. This is really not satisfying to me.

Interestingly other mobile phones such as the iPhone 6S can connect to my headband within SECONDS, while with my HONOR 6X successful connection sometimes takes up to 15 minutes or … never. So the error has to be on mobile phone side.

I already tried to reset my phone. And for completion, yes, also location services are activated on my phone, and the app is allowed to locate me.

Does anyone have experience with a HONOR 6X device? Did anyone experience similar issues?


Me either. I can t connect with my honor 6x