Connectivity issues


I just received my Muse Consumer version today, and got right into trying out the Calm app, which works great. But when I connect up to my MacBook Pro, and open up Muse-IO, I have intermittent connectivity issues, where it will drop connectivity to my device after approx. 4 seconds of data transmission, then take a considerable amount of time, sometimes up to a minute, to re-connect. Anyone else having these issues, and/or have a fix?


Can you send us the output from Muse-IO when you connect?


Please let us know the osx version and what other bluetooth devices might be active at the same time as well. If more then one instance of muse-io is running it will disconnect another instance running in the background. We’re trying to improve this behavior but that is something to check as well.


Additionally I should mention that it creates some amount of system load to run muse-io in TCP mode without an endpoint. Muse-io will continuously attempt to open a new connection until success. This is a lot of system call i/o waiting that can compromise the bluetooth because internal buffers are not emptied fast enough.

If you want to run muse-io by itself without connecting to a TCP source maybe use a UDP endpoint instead. Do this by passing an argument like “–osc osc.udp://:5000” which will emit UDP packets to localhost port 5000. UDP does not require a listening end-point.


System info - OS X 10.9.4 Maverics. As for the Bluetooth devices, Muse is the only device connected to the computer.

I ran muse-io with the command
muse-io --device-search muse --osc osc.udp://:500
and have muse-lab listening on UDP port 5000 rather than TCP. However, I’m still getting device drops from the computer. It will stay connected for a very short time (usually 5-15 seconds) then, in the OS X Bluetooth Preferences, it will show Muse as not connected, then reconnect, as I mentioned in the other thread.

I’ve attached a link to a recording from muse-lab (file is too large to post here, apparently). I started the record, then did a new pair with the computer/headband, then ran the Terminal command above. I’ve also included a screenshot of the Terminal window including a drop. Hope this is helpful.



Can we see if it’s an interferance/antenna issue? Sometimes bluetooth works better from external dongles. Does the problem still happen if you leave your headset in close proximity to your computer? e.g. set it on top of your computer. Does it still disconnect in 5-15 seconds?


It does, yeah. I also tried using a USB bluetooth adapter, and had the same issues, on 2 different computers. And like I mentioned above, it’s the only BT-enabled device in the room at all times.


I’m having similar issue, it connects - bit rate goes up to ~9000 then after about 10 seconds it goes to 0, disconnects, and then retries connecting for about 6-8 times…then starts the process over again…dropped samples ~350 - macbook pro circa 2010…connection to iPhone seemed to be fine…


I should have mentioned that as well, I suppose - connection to my Samsung GS3 is fine and never drops.


I´m having the same issue. Both udp and tcp, when i finally manage to connect, it runs for a few seconds and then disconnects. Then it tries the same process all over again. Im no expert, and I´m learning by doing. But i have tried everything that is suggested on this forum, and nothing seems to work. The computer I´m connecting to is a 2010 macbook pro, osx 10.9.4. Did the hard reset, checked other bluetooth disturbances, checked that no other muse-io is running in the background. I have not tried an external bluetooth dongle a try, because i don´t own one. There is no issues in connecting to my ipad or iphone though. Anyone found a solution?


Thought I’d jump in, but I don’t have much to add. I’m having the exact same issue, but with Windows. I’ve tried 2 computers, Windows 7 and 8, and the internal as well as USB Bluetooth. Same thing- connects for a few seconds then disconnects. Like everyone else, it works like a charm on my Android phone with Calm.

I’m totally new to Python, and to configuring BT devices, so part of the problem might be me. Nevertheless, this is super dissapointing. Muse kicksass and has a lot of potential, but until I can use the raw data it’s just an expensive toy.


I have the exact same issues. Macbook Pro (Early 2013), running on 10.9.4, with headband firmware up to date. It’s feels disappointing because I also think this has great potential. And I hate to say that it feels even worse that this thread hasn’t received a follow up yet …


I think it’s safe for us consumers to ignore this issue, despite how it appears!
I had the same problem with my headset, in Windows 8.1 (x64). I’d try to pair, it would display “Connected” for a second or 2, and then display “Disconnected”. Regardless, my headset still works using Muse-IO | Muse Lab, and I’m able to communicate with the headset with my own code too.
If you can use the Calm app, then your headset must surely be working fine. It’s much more likely to be an issue with the OS