Hi here, just got my Muse and looks very promising. I have two questions, cause I bought it for artistic applications interfacing it with a Mac. For now I used the tools to my computer via Bluetooth and noticed this can cover only about 15m, which is short for my purposes. Do you have same experience more or less?
I read that you can stream from the phone using some application… can somebody explain this other way?


You can use Muse Monitor to stream data using the OSC protocol over your network.

So Muse connects to your mobile device via Bluetooth (which can remain on your person), then the Mobile device streams data over Wifi. This means that your range from your Mac will only be limited by your WiFi.


Thank you Enigma 644, can you forward all scientific data? Acceleration, EEG, FFT raw, Frequency bands, sensor quality, experimental (Concentration/Mellow) etc?


Concentration and Mellow were deprecated from the Interaxon APIs in April 2016, but all the other items, Yes :slight_smile:

Here’s an example of the data available, shown in a quick test app I wrote.