Considering to buy Muse for research/development purposes



HI all,
I am looking for an affordable wireless EEG device now in order to test/implement one of my BCI ideas. Wanted to work on Windows 10 and Visual Studio.
Thus, few questions:

  1. If SDK supports version 2016 well? Official portal says that research tools are not yet supported, but SDK does not fall into this category - correct?
  2. If Muse 2016 connects well to any modern Bluetooth device like laptop built-in? (I use Asus Zenbook UX360). I live in Germany, and do not want to look for a few supported/tested Bluetooth dongles that might be sold only in Canada/US… Also asking, because I have seen many reports of the connectivity issue on this forum…

Thanks for your answers in advance!


#1 - The SDK does support Muse 2016 but you’ll be driving with Muse Direct (Windows Store app) instead of muse-io.
#2 - I’m afraid you’re going to have to try it out and see. A brand new, modern laptop does not guarantee connectivity success. I have a brand new one myself and had to order the Insignia dongle to get up and running.


Thanks Joe, will try and see :slight_smile: Muse just arrived today, so rubbing my hands :slight_smile:


When I read the comments, I am often bemused because of the tech-speak.“SDK”, for instance. I looked it up, is a Software Development kit. It is distinct from an API. (Whatever that is) " API is an interface that allows software programs to interact with each other, whereas a SDK is a set of tools that can be used to develop software applications targeting a specific platform" In case anyone else is as ignorant as myself on tech-speak, I put these definitions here. I also wish, whenever anyone submits information, they define their terms. Otherwise, thanks for the question. Will use Muse Direct to see the brainwaves on the Windows screen.