Consistently 80%+ Calm. How?


All you Musers out there who are able to consistently get over 80% calm; I’m curious. What are your strategy and tactics?

What’s the difference that makes the difference?


How “calm” your are is information based on your calibration. It uses this data as a baseline for your meditation session. If during calibration you are focused on the breath, then this will make it much more difficult to reach high levels of calm during your meditation, since your baseline is already highly focused. If however you do the opposite and “think” during the calibration, when you are even somewhat focused it will read high levels of calm.

The problem is I don’t find the calibration makes the data consistent through different meditation sessions, or reliable (70% calm in one sit can be totally different than 70% from another sit).


Thank you, I’ll keep that in mind. I have a problem shifting my attention on my right side. I think it has to do with migraines or something. That might be why I’m so inconsistent.


I find that my high percentages drop, sometimes drastically, if I enter the session with a lot of mind “chatter” or with a lessor, back-of-the mind, situation that is bothering me. I have no qualms in stopping the session, not saving it, and making the attempt later when I’m, more relaxed.


Thank You. Harv

I ended up doing the Guided meditation trial. The one with Elisha Goldstein.

I actually have gotten better at getting to calm on command. Not perfect yet, but definitely better.